Borealis is a specialized breeder of AKC standard poodles. We produce a single litter whelped in our home once a year, limiting our breeding in order to promote the development of temperaments that best exemplify the health and physical attributes of the standard poodle line. Borealis poodles applies 24/7 care approach to establishing a well rounded puppy: 

Health & Vaccines:

We verify and make sure that both the sire and the dam are OFA health tested. We feed all adults RAW DIET (fresh meats, chicken, pork etc) and introduce a RAW diet to our puppies, which we believe is the best nutritional support to generate strong muscle tone, and excellent bone structure. We follow Veterinarian Dr. Robb’s vaccine puppy protocol. Wormed during the growth stages of development. 


We provide our puppies with the guidance to develop their individual skills by following the puppy culture philosophy, this approach stimulates the necessary responses in order form a well balanced puppy: “From early neurological stimulation, to emotional resiliency exercise, to leash walking, potty training, and problem prevention,” increases the puppies potential for being a successful member of the socialized group of littermates as well as properly integrated as a family member”. (refer to Puppy Culture) 


Indoors and outdoors continues the essential elements necessary for the puppy’s development of an understanding of their role in maintaining proper sanitary potty habits. We start out potty training at 12+ days old during the whelping process. They are crate trained together and then later individually. They are introduced to a collar and leash in unison with potty training. During puppy time we play with them in our back yard in an effort to create a condition and response suitable for development of acceptable one-on-one communication. 

Home Breeding: No Kennel environment

We encourage our puppies to learn the rhythmic modalities involved both in the interior as well as the exterior of the home. We play with them each day at home. This is where a 24/7 personalized approach to raising these puppies in our home is essential in combining all of the elements presented here so as to fully achieve a happy healthy puppy. 


One of many things we do to familiarize our puppies for grooming at an early stage in life is the use of a Q-tip on their paws to familiarize them with a tactile sensation. This gives them a head start in being introduced to the dremal.  We start working with our puppies nails early on so that they become accustomed to it and their new owners have an easier time with clipping or dremaling their nails. This allows them to be more comfortable with the process then clipping. It is without question that we groom; bath, dry and brush regularly.