AM. CH. Pinafore Sonja Gliding on Ice truly reflects her name. She glided into her championship in 2013.  Her handler Ann Rairigh is well-known in the USA  for being focused on every element necessary in preperation for competing in the ring.

Sonja was born with a competitive spirit! She is always attentive and has a desire to present her best attributes when performing in the ring.

Sonja has become a loving mother to her three litters and has enjoyed the process.



Championship History 

Greater Lafayette Kennel Club 9/15 - 2013 Judge: Mr. Richard V Miller   
Best Of Winners, Best Of Sex   

Columbiana County Kennel Club 8/13 - 2013 Judge: Mr. Christopher T. Moore.   
Winners, Best Of Winners 4 Pt Major   

Anderson Kennel Club 8/16 - 2013 Judge: Mr Jason Hoke   
Winners Bitch, Best Of Sex 3Pt Major Win   

Muncie Kennel Club 8/17- 2013 Judge: Mrs. Ann K Catterson   
Best Of Winner, Best Op Sex, Best Puppy 3PtMajor Win   

Dan Emmet Kennel Club 7/26 - 2013 Judge: Dr Gerard C Penta   
Best Of Winners, Best Op Sex 3 Pt Major